Zoba Ezeh

Hello Good People of C(i)TC,

I hope this message finds you all well. A little about me: My name is Zoba Ezeh I am a Nigerian-American from Los Angeles, CA. I am working my Masters in Media, Communication and Culture. I went to undergrad and received my Bachelors from Vassar College in New York where I studied Science, Technology and Society and did a concentration in Media Studies. I have always been a lover of media especially television and the Internet. In recent years I have also become a major lover of new media, multi-media platforms and emerging technology especially in the mobile/wireless space. Before starting my Masters I worked for a mobile entertainment company that produced original programming for cell phones and the Internet. I am very much interested in how to use media and technology outside of just entertainment but to also find practical and innovative uses for them in daily life.

It is the interest that has lead me to want to take this class. I have been thinking about the question of how to develop and sustain practical and innovative uses of media and technology in an urban center - what would it and should it be? Looking at the urban center or city is of particular relevance since I have gravitated to living up until, now in some, a couple of the largest cities in the world. With the recent credit crunch and housing issues going on in the US I have witnessed the rise of inhabitants in the city. I think it's necessary to understand and put into context what is happening to these cities and then address how do make the most functional living space. While media and technology are not the sole answers I do believe they do and will play a significant part in the developments of the city that caters to a diverse population and tries to figure out ways to best communicate the needs and structures of the city and at the same time entice its inhabitants to see the city as their own.

I love living in cities. To me there is a vibrancy and energy that communicates innovation, diversity, reality, rawness and creativity.

I am excited to work and learn with all of you.

Lil Miss Zoba

My Map of Aarhus,

You might be able to make out some of the street names and the some of the numbers I have assigned to them. I will bring my map with me into class.

The numbers 1-10 correspond to my the order of appearance during my derive (drift). To explain what I found:

1.) I first noticed this piece of wall art which I thought was cute but the first time I did not make note of the white paint splotch. That paint splotch would start me on my exploration when I noticed a few more paint splotches which ultimately lead to my discovery of some of kind of hidden wall art around the city. Photo 01 is taken from a wall on Ny Munkegade right after the corner of Thunogade.

2.) Photo 02 is a small collection of paint splotches on the wall of a building on the corner of Gronnegade and Klostergade.

3.) Just left of the wall with the splotches there is a street called Vestergade and when I looked down the street I noticed what looked to be the head of a white flower. As I walked further down the street I found Photo 03. Most of it is blocked b/c of another building roof and it is not noticeable coming from the corner of Vesterport.

4.) I returned to Gronnegade and headed south and I came across Photo 04. The Pencil Drawing I call it. The drawing is blocked from a building so you have to walk down the street to see it and it is not noticeable when walking north on Gronnegade.

5.) I was initially walking down the small alley way of Posthussmogen near Aboulevarden when I happened to look up and see the part of the image of Photo 05. I walked around and down to a street called Fiskergade to see the wall art better. This wall art is also hidden behind other building and some trees. You have to walk down Fiskergade, which is not a busy street. I really like this piece.

6.) I walked back up to finish walking down the alley of Posthussmogen and at the end of it over an archway I found Photo 06. Posthussmogen is a very smalll and narrow alley. Have to be aware of it to know it exists, I was told.

7.) I was walking with a friend and we so happened to stop at the intersection of Frederiks Alle and Jaegergardsgade when I noticed this wall art in Photo 07. Again it is not made overtly noticeable from all sides.

8.) Walked down a street called Lundingsgade and just happened to turn my head to see if a car was coming when crossing the street that I noticed what looked like a red top of a flower. This single red potted flower looked similar to the white potted flower in Photo 03.

9.) Walking down Skt. Anna's Gade you can see the top of this wall art but only some of the rainbow colors and top of the heads in Photo 09a. The art mostly hidden behind another wall. There is a doors/gate that was closed but if you push thru it you can walk into an empty lot and see the full image of Photo 09, which I call 'The Tree house". I really like this image. It makes me happy. I wish I could build a tree house right now. Right next door to this is Photo 09b - the return of the paint splotch!

10.) Walking down Borggade just south of the corner of Norre Alle there is a mural on the side of the building but it's partially obstructed until you get really up close to it and walk by it. This would probably be the most noticeable of the wall art I saw, so I decided to I stand around for a bit watching people to see if anyone looked at it, took note of it or stopped to look at it. Not one person did.

While many of the pieces of wall art are on the side of buildings and may come off as visable I beg to differ and say that many of these wall arts are actually obstructed by something so they are not overtly noticeable. I was also told a few times by people who asked me what I was taking pictures of that they had never seen or noticed some of these wall arts before. I think there are things that can be quite loud or bright or obvious and can go unnoticed. And these things can go on being "invisible" in a sense because there is no overt meaning that comes from some of these images such as the paint splotches or potted plants. For me finding these pieces was a great discovery which has inspired to explore some more. I hope you will as well.


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