What Have Your SPOTTED?

Hey Friends,

I truly hope this message finds you well.

I am calling in a huge favor from all over you and sincerely asking that you participate in my project that I have developed for a couple of courses I am taking regarding Networking, Social Interventions, Urban Spaces and Reclaiming/Re-examining the City. How much you want to participate is up to you but hopefully you can contribute something. Here is how it works. It should be fairly straight forward:

Simply I ask what have you SPOTTED … in your city? I have recreated a platform called SPOTTED. In this space please upload any and all photos, videos, or even sounds of the city that you find of particular interest to you. It can be anything. It can be a graffiti/tags, signs, posters, certain types of flowers or animals, park benches, etc,whatever. The only criteria for this item of interest is that has to occur more then once and it has to be something you think is unique to the city you are in, whether living there or visiting. Are there things you have seen more then once when walking around and wondered what is the story behind it? Well if you don't know but want to know feel free to investigate and write an entry about your findings. If you can't find anything feel free to be creative and come up with your own explanation. Hopefully as more people from the same city contribute they can leave comments about what you have posted and written. Who knows they might help you find the truth about what you have spotted.

When uploading your pictures and videos please note the location of where these sightings took place. This really shouldn't take any time. I know you love posting pictures already :)

The aim of this project is get you to start looking out for the various elements that create the unique aesthetic and personality of the city, your city. Hopefully to this will help you to start looking at your city in a different way. To help locate hidden jems.

Here is the link invitation to join and check out what I have already posted to the platform. Hopefully it can give a better understanding what I mean: http://spottedcity.ning.com/?xgi=3EVM5BXhttp://spottedcity.ning.com/?xgi=3EVM5BX

This can be an ongoing project if you find it interesting but I need submissions by no later that May 15th. This is not meant to be a homework assignment just if you walk about take pictures of what you see or submit pictures of things you have already taken pictures or video of before.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I really would love the help. Let me know if you have any questions.

All the best my dear friends.



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