Vanessa Vilela


I love chocolate, ice-cream and cookies. I'm Vanessa. I'm 20 and come from Portugal with African roots, which I love so much. Back at home I study European Studies (which covers a bit of everything - culture, history, politics, languages …, depending on what you really want to do with what you learn) and I've always been fascinated with Archeology and with what was here before us.
I really enjoy looking at something and being able to perceive something different from other people. And even more to know that out there there is someone thinking/feeling/imagining the exact same thing as I am.
I like the rain and damage control. Having to think of what to do in different perspectives. Analyse what could better fit this or that, under certain conditions. Basically trying to predict consequences of actions.
But most of the time it comes down to random thoughts, music and and a blank piece of paper.

Trying to attach meaning(s) to social phenomena it's a bit of a hard task. Anyways, here is what I think or have in mind regarding "Communication" and "City".

1) Communication
This is not a topic I would think about without any further reason, mainly because it is one of our main inherent characteristics, it is something that we do even unconsciously. When thinking about it I almost instantaneously connect it to people and relations between them. As said before, even an unnoticed action (body language would work here) we take towards someone else is communicating. And when living in a community it would be quite difficult (if not impossible) to survive without getting involved, since every single element must play his part, in order to keep it going. Nowadays communication would be as well totally connected to new technologies and progress, finding new ways to communicate.

2) City
As well as when I think of communication I think about people, the same seems to happen when the topic is the city. Because it only exists through us. It is our presence together in a "shared-facility-world" that crumbles into cities, big spaces that don't seem so big anymore, once communicating settings take place. This space we inhabit makes me always think of movement and blurred photos showing off neon lights and the buzz coming out of the streets. It is trendy. It is stressful. People have to be strong enough to live up to it. One has to fit in the city in order to embrace it entirely. And it can be a lot more difficult than the expected. After all, we created it. Complexity comes from us: problem and solution.


Psychogeographical Map.

Hybrid Spaces.

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