Vanessa's psychogeographical map

Here is my psychogeographical map.


This is my own very personal image of Aarhus.
I tried to show what I feel when walking around the city by the people these streets/buildings/cafés… remind me of. When having fun with the new mates I've made here in Aarhus, I often remember the ones I'll be back to in about 5 months. I associate their faces and laughs and the jokes we made together with the places I'm in and I rediscover them each time I do it. I wonder how it would be like if they could experience all that that I have the opportunity to experience. It's like having a balance between two worlds, two homes, two sides of a one sided-being. It works like a kind of balance. As spotting, the dance technique. As you can see these places and the meaning they have each new day function a bit as spotting to me.1

While walking down the street I'm always somewhere else and Sebastian Octávio, my iPod, is the gate I use to get away and rediscover the city, and myself in the city. Therefore I chose some of the music that is with me lately to figure next to streets I use the most.

In the end it all comes down to people and the relations one is able to keep and/or remember. That's the reason why I named the map Found Treasure(s). In some way there's always something to be found: in a new city and perhaps in the first days in it, a physical/geographical side; when we are used to what surrounds us and don't have to pay attention all the time not to get lost, we are able to get lost in a psychological way, finding something that wasn't there before or just hadn't been thought of.

You may not be able to see all of it and thus here is the link to the large sized image.

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