Wiki for the BA elective Communicating (in) the City at the Department of Aesthetic Studies at Aarhus University. Find the official description of the course here (Danish) and here (English).
Taught by Lone Koefoed Hansen.

This course is the second iteration of two courses that ran last year. Explore the collaborative wiki that was part of the process.

How to access readings found online. Read more here

Links etc from class

4th Feb: Keywords on "city" can be found here (class 4th Feb)
Keywords on "communicating" can be found here (there's nothing there unless you add words to the page)
18th Feb: Links to the Flash Mob dokumentation we watched in class can be found here.
25th March: A set of artworks that in various ways deal with the relation between locative technology, location, individuals and (social) context. Should anyone ever want to investigate the area further (in an exam paper or something)


Entrescenen has a performance this week called "Inside Out/Outside In". It sounds interesting - something about the convergence of the digital and the analogue. Check it out yourself on the website.

Overview of events taking place this Spring in the realm of digital art and aesthetics can be found on this website. You will also find info on exhibitions etc.
Don't forget the fabulous website kunsten.nu for info on all things arty in Denmark - lots of info on Århus too.

Past events

Entre Scenen featured a performance by the Berlin based performance group Banality Dreams It was centered on re-enacting scenes found on the massively influential websites/web-services YouTube, uPorn, MySpace and Second Life and Mathieu has written a comment here on the wiki.
Conference & events on Sousveillance on 8th & 9th Feb - more info here.
City walk with Ludic Society on 7th Feb.

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