Sole Storm

My name is Sole, as you have propably seen, and I'm on my fourth semester here at Aarhus University and I study comparative literature.

I was born and raised in a small town just north of Copenhagen and moved to Aarhus some fifteen years ago. Initially my family, consisting of two brothers, mother and stepfather, moved with me, but these days I'm the only one still here, while the remaining family lives in and around Copenhagen. For as long as I can remember I've been moving back and forth between the two, essentially providing me with two hometowns and two outloooks on what a city is and how they individually communicate but also how they communicate with each other, being the two largest cities in Denmark.

It was these odd circumstances that initiated the choice, combined with a desire to learn more about the cityscape and its variety of form (perhaps lack of variety of form). As I understand it, the course will bring up issues that are essential in urban, modern living and communication which in my opinion is a tool worthy of scrutiny and thought, therefore I am glad to be here.


It was funny doing this weeks assignment. The city map I've made shows some of the places I use in the city. Most of them carries a different purpose than I have assigned them here and I seek out these places partly because of this because it enables me to watch people in public spaces while being semi-private myself. The map marks nine places in the city that combine some of my favorite hobbies: Reading and watching the life of the city and its people.

The first four are places that I use when I want to be more private in the public space and the remaining five to a greater degree include interaction with the public space.

1. The couches of the second floor at Statsbiblioteket - quiet and cozy, but mainly easily accessible
2. The break water at the north end of the harbour - this has always been a favorite spot of mine, I love the view
3. The lobby at the artmuseum Aros - great architecture and a cool, beautiful atmosphere
4. Café at 'Bruuns Galleri' - offers one of the best views of the railway tracks if the weather has forced you to stay indoors
5. Roofterrace at The Chaospilots in Mejlgade - odd place with a unique constant stream of life
6. Café Ris Ras late afternoons - for looking at the other guests and enjoying the atmosphere
7. The waiting area at the trainstation - the hubbub of people coming and going, reuniting and saying goodbye makes for an excellent soundbite while the kids watch the miniature trains drive around and around
8. First floor couches by the window at Søstrene Greene on mainstreet - again the attraction is the people and the bustle of life
9. The new stairs by the water near the public central library - offers the same reprieve as the break water only this includes people and city life instead of the quiet of the water.


From couch to television – a hybrid space.
This is a personal experience that has often struck me as puzzling and in my opinion is a good example of hybrid space. The definition I use here is from Adrianna de Souza e Silva’s article: ”[…] hybrid defines a situation in which the borders between remote and contiguous contexts no longer can be clearly defined[…]” (Silva, 269).
On a Friday night with friends my apartment is often a clutter of sounds, impressions, expressions and people. Gathered in my flat mate’s room we talk and listen to music while my flat mate sometimes plays his Xbox with other friends that online and because he is wearing a headset, the rest of us can only pick up half of the conversation, but not take part in this hybrid space he has created via his online connection. As Adrianna de Souza e Silva puts it: "It is as if the cellular network stands as a layer over the physical space, attached to and being influenced by it” (Silva, 268). Through the internet connection my friend creates this second cellular layer that makes him able to be moving in space whilst simultaneously being in physical space with us.

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