Signe Norgard's Hybrid Space

My balcony – a hybrid space

Whether you call Aarhus the largest village or the smallest city in the world, when you live in the middle of it, you find yourself living in a hybrid space.

So when standing on my balcony, you can get all sorts of information about the people, buildings and city, that is surrounding you. First of all you can see into 15 different apartments all with big flat screen televisions, so you especially in the evening can watch different kinds of movies, series and commercials – although you won’t be able to hear a thing. Also when turning on you Bluetooth on your cell phone, you can pick up lots of signals from the people surrounding you. It is the same on your laptop, when trying to connect to a wireless internet connection.

In the article The poetics of augmented space by Lev Manovich, he stresses the fact that: Video surveillance is becoming ubiquitous. Video surveillance is today not only used by the government and other forms of public organizations, but also by private individuals. You will also be able to see these kinds of private video cameras in my yard. This makes the physical space in my yard into a dataspace, where data is being extracted from the physical space.

But what makes my yard especially interesting is that I share it with three restaurants/cafés, a hotel, the court of Århus, a theatrical company, some different businesses and of course the other people living in the apartment building. I don’t know if you can imagine, but this makes my yard very busy with all kinds of people, that all carry different kinds of information with them into my living area. Whether I get the information be seeing, hearing or with digital media, the information is there. In this way you could call my yard an augmented space, where the physical space ( is) overlaid with dynamically changing information (Lev Manovich).

I havn't been able to get any pictures of my balcony/yard since I don't have a digital camera that works right now. I will try to get some pics as soon as possible!

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