Sif Vinsten

I'm studying Comparative Litterature and I'm on my 4th semester.
I'm very interested in communication in all sorts of ways, and have previously done papers on intertextuality (internal communication in litterature and litterary works) and also on different sorts of reception theories like Reader Response Theory and Metafiction.

I find this course very interesting because it allowes me to use my understanding of communication in a different perspective, being a course on communication in a digital world, replacing my books with mobiles, Ipods etc.
Also it's very nice to have chance to brush up on my english, as the Candidate I will be attending is all in english.

My personal map shows the city split up into pieces. I have highlighted my favorite spots in the city, and what I like to do there. I love Århus by summer especially - so it's mainly a summer map:-)

Here's a link to my assignment on Hybrid Space - I've choosen Piccadilly Circus in London.

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