Sebastian hybrid space

Paradise Hotel as an Augmented space.

The notorious TV- show Paradise Hotel takes place in an augmented space. For those who can proudly say that they have never watched the show, it is a popular reality program which takes place in a remote and luxurious hotel somewhere in Mexico. Here about 5 men and 5 women all young and good looking compete to win the competition of being the last person left. To avoid being sent home, a participant must be in a relationship with another participant of the opposite sex.
Of course the hotel is packed with cameras and microfones. I believe that because of the heavy surveillance, the way the participants act – and here I think of the way they walk, talk to each other even the way they lie down by the pool – is changed. They know that there is a team of cynical producers behind every lense and every microphone who want to make make an entertaining TV show out of the results.
Therefore the participants are put under a certain pressure, because they not only want to win the competition, but also appear as ”good” intelligent people who make the right decisions and so on.
In the minds of the participants there must then be an idea of how they appear on TV. Of course they do not have any influence on how the show itself is put together. They do not know what the producers will pick (from what must be a vast arcive of filming).
It does capture the way the competitors sometimes talk superficially to each other, revealing that they are thinking of the camera.
The product itself as it is shown on TV3 mondays to thursdays at 10 pm is of course manipulated to tell a story, something the viewers can understand.
The show itself might have little or nothing in common with the before mentioned ideas of the participants at the time the surveillance took place. I will not be the judge of this and I can not exclude that the participants are in fact thinking about the camera all the time.

I find it interesting to think of this location as an augmented space because I have never been there, an very few people have. The only evidence we have come through cameras microphones. It is ironic that the only reason that we have an image of the location is because of its heavy surveillance. Furthermore that surveillance is filtered and put together to create an entertaining reality show. In a way it is the augmentaion of the space that makes it visible to us, but we can never take part in the actual reality.

-unless we choose to participate ourselves!

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