sandra n saabye

i'm sandra.
i love airplanes, mmh airplanes:


i'm on my fourth semester of studying aesthetics and culture.
i am now the proud owner of a flickr-account (adding to the collection of virtual presence).
i am 25 years old, live in the w-w-west of århus and enjoy rock music, words, photography, politics..
and of course airplanes.
a city is structure, it is force and glass, dirt, steel and patterns of light. also a city is eyes and the softness of the air, the city is communication, the city is us. we are a city.

my subjective map:
when travelling in a bus through århus, which is something i do for pure enjoyment, the thing that tends to make the strongest impression on me are the people that i "meet", the strangers that i pass, persons who somehow catch my eye and attention and whom i stare at in secrecy.
in my mind i connect them with the place where i saw them and they somehow come to represent that particular spot on that particular day.
a trip from hasle to egå was therefore to be remembered as this map illustrates.

link to my third assignment:
hybrid space: streetlights in germany

link to 5th assignment with signe and nikoline:
.walk by group 5b
5b walking group 5a's .walk

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