Sabine S.


21. Exchange student from Austria. Studies Comparative Literature and Scandinavian Studies. 6th semester, but already in Master studies (or rather “Magister”) – different system, complicated to compare, dying species thanks to the Bologna process.

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Growing up as a ghost in a shell wondering about, if androids dream of electric sheep… or rather, being too late for that and having to discover it as an adolescent in the 00s after thinking about whether to take the red pill or the blue pill, should naturally lead to interest in city and communication.
Should make you ask yourself, if modern cities are postpunk-nightmares (or maybe were or will develop into). If you are being watched. If you talk with or to human beings or machines (through machines?). How the space around you is structured, intentionally or unintentionally. And so on.

and here you can see: sabine-s-personal-map
Mandatory assignment 3: the-state-library-as-a-hybrid-space

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