Sabine's personal map

Aarhus is still an undiscovered territory for me. After some weeks here you might find your way around the center, but it is hard to get a feeling for how big the city is, what there is to be found in the outskirts, how big they are.


The map is, as you might have noticed, in a 90 degrees angle to a “normal” map. I have of course consulted these “normal” maps several times in the last weeks, when I tried to find my way around, but still, somehow, going uphill means going north in my inner geography.
And it is very simple and naïve, yes, which is partly due to my lacking drawing skills and partly to my limited sense for spaces, directions, etc. Some parts are drawn upright, which means that I have clearer impression of them, have explored them on my own,… whereas I saw the flat parts mostly on a map first or even went through them several times while consulting a map.
Consulting a “normal” map after drawing my own shows me, how distorted my perception of the city is, how much simpler and straighter I remember the streets, how much I forgot or placed wrong. So don’t be offended, I know now how wrong it is!
“Hic sunt leones” means “Here are lions” in Latin – the Roman wrote it on their maps to indicate unknown and probably dangerous territories.

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