My name is Amna Mehanovic, but my friend's call me Amber, I answer to either so its your choice! I was born in Bosnia but I have lived in Sydney, Australia all my life. I am currently completing the final of year of my Bachelor of Commerce/Arts degree. I will be living in Aarhus for the next 6 months then travelling around Europe during the summer break and finally I will move to Copenhagen to complete my final semester. It's a very exciting year! Although I absoutely adore Denmark I miss the beach and surfing, to make up for it I plan to drop in to Hossegor, France for a couple of days during the summer to get some surf in before returning to Denmark.


Growing up in Sydney, the city is very familiar and a significant aspect to my daily life. The word ''city'' brings connotations of lights, cars, people, interaction, culture, music, fashion, clubs.

Communicating, in my eyes, is an interaction between a human and anything else in the world, that is, interaction between two or more people, interaction between a person and an animal, a technological device, between a medium of media, between art and the environment.

This is my subjective map of Aarhus. The map is a representation of the places I like to chill out at in town…

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