Philip Madsen

Hello everyone. Im 23, and, along with a few others in the class, on the 4th semester of my bachelor in comparative litterature. So I guess that means I like to read stuff. Although I grew up more or less on the country side (or maybe exactly because of that), I see myself as a city person, for reasons im not really sure of. The city (as vague as the term might be) has a lot of interesting aspects to it, as I see it. Although its made up by us as individuals, it also transcends us, and sort of blur the individuality. For example in communication, the city desolves the usual communicative situation of me communicating something to you, and steps in as a sort of intermediate stage, making the sender and the recipient invisible. All the signs, graffiti, notes left of lamp post etc., the person "sending" them, dont know who recieves them, and the person recieving them dont know who send them. The messages are from the city, to the city.

Anyway, Im really looking forward to this class, and it seems like its gonna be a lot of fun:)




Assignment 3

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