I study aestetichs and culture, wich is a perfect study for those who like many different kinds of cultural expressions.

Beside my study i make some kind of performancetheatre for young people, which demands good communication. The youngsters are said to be the most difficult audience -only something “special” will have their attention.

Communicating is a part of living, it happens everywhere anytime.You are somehow included, you can almost not avoid it. Sometimes you feel excluded, if you’re not familiar with the cultural codes or if the communication is too sophisticated.

City is a space with people, energy, activities and buildings, squeezed together, breathing together, beeing part of the same dynamic pulse.

My interests in the digital technology is a curiosity about the discussion -whether we are more free or less free because of it.

mandatory assignment

The state library in Århus is a “hybrid space”.
There are many people visiting the labrary every day. Everybody bring their cellphone, and many bring their own laptop as well. If not they use the computers in the library. Many have their electronic devises, such as ipods, activated while working or reading. It makes a hybrid space, that everyone is communicating in many different ways at the same time. Many students come to the libaray to keep themselves motivated and concentrated. They are not nessesaraly interacting together, but with their electronic devises. But beeing a the same place at the same time creates a phsycical space, which have a positive social effect.

There are so many signals in the “air” constantly at this place from 9am to 6pm. Statsbiblioteket becomes “augumented space”, because it’s a human constructed space where info can be accessed with personal and individual devices.
The building can be seen as a paraphrase over the “augumentede space”, while it has 18 flors, and 3 of them is under the surface of the ground, as a basment, kind of invisible as the augumentede space. In that way it it is the tecnological devises in layers on top of eachother, in an architectual and technical way.

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