LAN Parties: A hybrid space

For those of you who don't know the image above shows a LAN party in progress, and as I see it also a hybrid space.
LAN parties come in many different shapes and sizes - with the one shown above being rather large. And depending on size and structure it can have a number of different types of communication going on within it.
The basic structure of any LAN party is that it's a room with access to an extremely large amount of electricity, where gamers will then show up with their own PCs, set them up and have a gaming/social get together over a set period of time. That's the basic physical space. Obviously there are a number of other spaces within a LAN party, with the most significant one being the Local Area Network (LAN) connection that binds all the PCs and thus all the gamers together in a data space of sorts. This also allows them all to play games together and thus enter several different virtual worlds/spaces that exist both within their PCs but also within the local space of the room where the LAN party is being held, since the network is local and thus never allows anyone outside of the location to gain access to it.
Aside from these layers of communication between the participants in a LAN party, there are usually also other types of communication coming into the area. In the picture above you'll see a big while banner labeled "Antec". Antec is a manufacturer of gaming-grade PC cases and other hardware and is probably sponsoring this particular LAN party. Obviously they will have communication directed towards the gamers all over the location.
To the left of the Antec banner is a huge monitor showing gaming in progress. This can be any type of gaming, but it's most likely showing footage from some kind of tournament going on locally within the room. These tournaments can be either open or close to the whole room but usually never include everyone present, and can sometimes include well known e-sports players who are not physically present in the room. This means that through the tournament-big screen a seperate space is created for the participants in that specific event - a space that exists primarily within the LAN party, but can extend beyond it. Or to put it in a quote:

Hybrid space is never exclusively local, as in the case of the idyllic hippy commune at the beginning of the 1970's. Small local networks, hacked or not, never remain limited to the local bazaar or the vegetable market in the next village. Local networks interweave with the international networks into which they force their way. (Eric Kluitenberg, The Network of Waves: Living and Acting in a Hybrid Space, p10)

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