Nikoline Jørgensen

Hi, I'm Nikoline.
I'm studying Aestethic and Culture on fourth semester and enjoying living in Aarhus - even though its my "born in" hometown!
But after been living abroad in 15 month (travels around and a year in Australia), I got a great perspective that made me realise that Aarhus got a lot to give, compared to its size. I don't think you find the same cultural life in other "towns" on around 500.000 people. As you say: "Aaarhus is the world's smallest city"… Or how about "the world's largest town"…? ;-)
There is arguments for both; it got what makes it comparable to cities (festivals, university, music, art, businesses, etc) But also what you find in a town: a familiar community atmosphere, because its small enough to randomly run into people you know!
Thats how I like it! Come dance with me through the streets! :-)

Here is a link to my assignment on hybrid space: hybrid-snow-space

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