Neela Venkatraman

Concrete and technology; Crowds and noise; Space; Energy and pulse; Bill boards and Neon lights; Sound and Light are but some of the words and images that come to mind when I thing of City and Communication.

I am a documentary film maker from India, among other things, with a degree in English Literature and a post graduate in Films.
As a film maker and an urban dweller, it has been a challenge to integrate the needs of both within a single framework. To explore the idea of new artistic expressions within a multitude of technological interventions and challenges and communicative mediation is what I find interesting in this course

My map

An exchange students personal guide to Aarhus .

My map is about what I need in a city to make it home ā€“
2 weeks or 2 years.
Single or in multiples .
Its about my essentials. The paths have now become second nature to me.
My places for food
My money machines
My cultural hubs
My places for art
My coffee cafe
My drinks central
My life ā€“ in Aarhus ā€“ as of 2 weeks !


Assignment 3 on Hybrid Spaces

Acts in spaces

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