My Hybrid Space

I think that today it’s hard to define what could be an “Hybrid space”.
I got what Adrian da Souza e Silva means, and it’s quite easy to under stand what we can consider as an hybrid space.
But in our life, in the 21th century, almost everything could be affected by the meaning of hybrid. I mean: if I could look at me now, sitting in my room, it could also bea n hybrid space.
Lorenzo comes from Rome, Italy, and now he studies in Aarhus, Denmark.
But in my flat i tried to create a kind of “italian space”: posters, pictures, songs, food…
Could it bea n hybrid space? According to what da Souza says, maybe.
But more is an hybrid space what i create here in my own bedroom: this MAC helps me to stay in touch with people in Italy: family, relatives, friends… I can talk with them whenever I want, whenever I need. I create a space in a space. Skype, MSN Messenger and facebook are instruments that allow me to see, to listen to other places in a virtual-real way. The e-mails too are a kind of hybrid.
The opportunity that the web offers to the people to know what’s going on in the world: when I read on the italian-newspapers websites what’s happening in Italy, I kind of go back into my world. This MAC is like a window on the reality. A virtual window, sure: but still it’s an opportunity to know everything in the way I want, where I want, whenever I want.
My iPhone is another perfect example: almost a computer, it’s also better and helpful to create an hybrid space: you can use it wherever you want, wherever you are. It creates, or maybe better it opens a world to you while you are in your bed before to go to sleep; while you’re going by bus downtown; while you’re lost with your car going somewhere and you need a map; or when you’re going by bike to university and you need some music.
I think that the technology today really help to create hybrid spaces. Always, when you turn on an electronic instrument, you’re in an hybrid space: also a basic thing, as could be watching the tv, makes you being in a kind of another space; if you really are into it, you cannot avoid to be in a virtual-reality.

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