My name is Morten Thuesen, I'm 22 yars old and I'm studying Aesthetics and Culture on 6. semester. My major is History of Ideas. My plan is to continue on Aesthetics and Culture after I have completed my BA.

My reasons for choosing this course is an interest in how the city is beeing communicated to me as a person in ways I'm not aware of in my everyday life. I hope this course will point out how I'm being affected by the city-signals without my knowledge. This might come in handy as a tool, if I have to promote an event sometime in the future, which I hope will be the case.


Buddy-Beer-Bench Map

Here is my personal map of a small part of Århus called Trøjborg. I live in the area Trøjborg, so it seemed natural to me to make my map with my home as the beginning. The map is called "Buddy-Beer-Bench Map" because it is a map of me and a friend finding a place to grap a beer. This weekend we first met, then bought a beer, and finally followed our intuition to the forrest where we found this bench outside the fenced pathway. The bench had a great view, and I can only suggest that you meet with a friend, buy a beer and follow the map to the bench.


Hybrid Space assingment link

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