Mikkel Pugholm

Hi every one,

this will initially be a short presentation untill I find time to elaborate it.
My name is Mikkel, and I have a BA-degree in Business Economics, which is my major course. I'm currently studying Musicology as my minor. You might think that this is somewhat an odd combination - and you're right, it is! But theres a good meaning to it. (I'll explain later - you can think about it meanwhile;-)).

I'm 24 years old, soon turning 25 (!!), and in my sparetime I'm playing music, handball, spending time with friends and family, and working a lot. I have a job at Codan Insurances where I'm working as a supervisor in a Telemarketing devision.

I hope you'll settle with this for now. I'll write some more later.

Kind regards
Mikkel Pugholm

This is a really cool website, if you want to listen to music:

Ex. of Flash mobbing:

My citymap: A night on the town.

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