Mathieu Arsenault



My name is Mathieu Arsenault. I study in Canada - composition more specifically - however I have decided to broaden my horizons and attempt esthetics and culture classes during my exchange. Touching on semantics, philosophy, visual and pop culture can only help a musician and is certainly not a distraction. If anything, my stay here will aid in the development of a critical mind and a vocabulary that will surely be of use while defending artistic decisions. At least that's what I told my home university.

I am essentially in Aarhus because of this class. I'm quite interested in the performative intervention aspects of the course because I've organized and participated in several throughout my career as a human on the planet earth (including one in Aarhus) - but it all sounds interesting to me. I'm really interested in sociality between an ever increasingly alienated population - like when you're walking past someone on the sidewalk and you have awkward eye contact. Don't you ever feel like you just both want make some sort of contact? I am therefor interested in cafes, squares, parks, and many other interesting ways of creating social environments in the city - and more importantly the flashmobs, subway parties and urbane big games that allow you to communicate with perfect strangers and to eliminate some of the banality of organized city networks.

I am interested in the use of space in ways that were not originally planned by the city planners. I'm interested neighborhood grocers, butchers, fruit stands, bakeries, cafes, and not in supermarkets. I'm interested in community radio, graffiti, friendly competition and rivalry therefor allegiance to respective bagel shops (you're either a St-Viateur Bagel person or a Fairmount Bagel person - can't be both). This might be an example of cultural capital … or maybe subcultural capital of which I'm also interested. I'm interested in subculture in general and it is in the city that these cultures can thrive and communicate.

I also like hobos.

Mathieu LeGamin Arsenault

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