Hi, my name is Mai and I am 25 years old. At the moment I am studying Art History on the fourth semester, and am now attending the course communicating (in) the City. As far as a brief introduction of myself, I can tell you that I have always been interested in Art both practical and theoretical. Before I became a student on Aarhus University I was attending classes on byhøjskolen in Aarhus and courses on other art schools in Denmark.

One of the reasons why I took this course was because I was considering taking one or two semester abroad in London. Therefore it was a good opportunity getting my English improved both in writing and verbal. The second reason is the main topics of the course, namely communication, technology and urban life. They are all terms which are very closely linked together which I consider to be very relevant subjects in today’s society.
When I think about the convergence of the words city and communicating many different associations come to my mind. Keywords as interacting in at technological world with the internet, mobiles and iPods are features that we can not ignore nor stop. It is very interesting how new ways of expressing communicative skills are being developed and how you adjust to all these technological improvements. For me this course will help me to look deeper into theoretical topics about communication.

subjective map
The applepie route
This is my subjective map over Aarhus. The allotmentgardens are small communities situated in Aarhus. They are not visible in the dynamic citescape but are hidden in the surrounding areas. This is a route you can take if you like applepie. You will need a bike, sunglasses and bags to collect the free apples. A few friends to help you spot the best trees, climbing will maybe be necassary. In the end of the trip you will end up with a nice bag of apples for free! Appelpie is served!

Hong Kong

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