Helenes: LYNfabrikken

Hybrid Space: LYNfabrikken.

At the café LYNfabrikken in Vestergade there is an exchange of information in many different ways, and I will try to sum them up and argue that you can say that LYNfabrikken is not only an ordinary café, but also houses a hybrid space.
LYNfabrikken is one of the only cafés in Århus with an accessible wireless network. When you’re online, you can for example see other persons at “LYNfabrikken’s” iTunes libraries - you will get to know information, music preferences, of the people sitting around you, without knowing exactly who listens to what kind of music, but you may be inspired and get an impression of the users at LYNfabrikkens taste in music .
A lot of people bring their laptop, so that they can work at the café while enjoying the calm atmosphere and a nice cup of coffee. The free internet somehow invites people to bringe their work-related sphere into the café.
You can call LYNfabrikken an augmented space because of the constant change of information. People drag their private sphere into the café when they bring their laptops; when for example checking their facebook profiles or writing personal emails peoples seems to forget the surroundings and sits and smiles to themselves. To have acces to digital environments without having to leave physical space, creates hybrid space according to De Souza e Silva:

“Without the traditional distinction between physical and digital
spaces, a hybrid space occurs when one no longer needs to go out of physical space to get in touch with digital environments.”1

Also LYNfabrikken is a place where a lot of people choose to have a business-related meeting; there is an exchange of information between the participants of the meeting, and if you’re sitting next to them, you will also be informed. This is because of the decor of LYNfabrikken. In the middle of the café you will find long tables, that means that when the cafe hosts a lot of guests, you will sit close to some people, you don’t know. Often that will result in brief or long conversations between you and the person sitting next to you, because you will need to give space to each-other when for example leaving the table.
LYNfabrikken as a hybrid space.**

It seems that atmosphere at LYNfabrikken somehow is created by the possibility of using the internet while you’re at the café. It has invited people to work there alone or in groups. That atmosphere may be the reason why people also want to have business-related meetings at LYNfabrikken.

Also you can buy gifts or nice design products in the shop which is spread all over the café - that means you can find the nice things to buy all over the café.

“Hybrid spaces are mobile spaces, created by the constant movement of users who carry
portable devices continuously connected to the Internet, and to other users.”2

So in this sense you can call LYNfabrikken a hybrid place; people walks in and out of the café with their portable phones and computers and being in the café, the users are connected to the internet and to the other users at LYNfabrikken.
At LYNfabrikken users create social networks simultaneously in physical and digital space, and that is, according to De Souza e Silva, how a hybrid space is materialized:

“It [hybrid space] is built by the connection of mobility and
communication, and materialized by social networks developed simultaneously in physical and digital spaces.” 3

So you can say that there has been built a hybrid space at LYNfabrikken.

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