location artworks from class 25th March

Issues to investigate

  • describe it (what does it do)
  • account for how it makes use of the notion of location - why/how is location important to the work?
  • analyse the artwork with Hemment's taxonomy (which category is it; it may be several)
  • interpret it - how is it interesting (since we assume it is interesting)


  1. MILKproject (Esther Polak) http://milkproject.net/
  2. AudioMove Drama (Teater Katapult) http://www.katapult.dk
  3. Sonic City (Interactive Institute) http://www.viktoria.se/fal/projects/soniccity/
  4. BioMapping (Christian Nold) http://www.biomapping.net/
  5. Mobile Clubbing (http://www.mobile-clubbing.com)
  6. Leipzig Train Station event (Ligna) (e.g. http://www.webkreativ.de/momenta/lignainterview1.htm
  7. Sky Ear (Usman Haque) http://haque.co.uk/skyear.php
  8. Rider Spoke (Blast Theory) http://blasttheory.co.uk/bt/work_rider_spoke.html
  9. Cherry Blossoms (Alyssa Wright) http://web.media.mit.edu/~alyssa/cherry.html
  10. La rue c'est mise a nu par ses orielles, partout (UrbanTells) http://rouvelle.com/cambridge_06.htm
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