Kit Neel Hansen
Hello my name is Kit
I am studying art history on my 4th semester and therefore use to hang around the barracks. So far I have enjoyed it very much and now looking forward to another semester here.

Besides studying I like and enjoy visual art. I am very found of not only watching, but also toughing and listening. So I prefer art that can give me this all round experience. In this context loud, screaming and ear-killing music and embracing late night club ambience can instantly fill me with a satisfying feeling.

And that is also what the city does to me. Experiencing the city, is a kinesthetic experience of en environment that is dynamic, moving, noisy and overwhelming – just like the thundering feeling loud music reveal. Communication is to me inevitable, weather it is visual art, music or the city that communicates. With this course I am expecting to learn more about how, why and when the city communicate and how, why and when we communicate the city.

My map
My map consist two maps, one map where I have pointed out ten addresses, and another map where all the people living on the addresses are mentioned. The handwritten map is a map of the relations between these people. In its mess you can see that there is quite a few relations between them. Some are well-known and some are not…

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