Julie Storm

Hallo Everybody.
My name is Julie. I am 22 years old and I studie comparative literature on my fourth semester. It is therefore no surprice that I am very interested in communication in a overall wiev but with a special interest in the written word. Although "Communicating (in) the City" wasn't my first priority, I am looking very much forward to attend this class. I look at it as a great opportunity to explore communication, urban life and technology in a new perspective. I am planning to attend "medievidenskab" on my fifth semester, and I am sure that I will receive new knowledge in this class which will be usefull further on in my education.

For me and possible many others the two word "city" and "communication" are very much linked. When people have to live peacefully together side by side in an urban environment, where the private space is limited, you simply have to communicate well. Signs, posters, sounds and advertisements are all struggeling to catch ones attention, and all these kinds of "urban" communication are usefull as well as annoying. You simply can't live in the city without being in some kind of verbal connection with other people or authorities.

The map I have uploaded shows where to dance salsa in Århus (which I by the way do in my sparetime ;)


Link to my hybrid space assignment aarhus-by-light

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