Julie Fink


My name is Karen Julie, but most people call me Julie.
I study musicology and I am on my fourth semester.

The combination of the words “city” and “communication”, make me think of people meeting face to face. To me, the use of cellphones, email, chatting, wikis and so on, is not especially characteristic for communication in the city. These digital means of communication are used in the country side as well as in the city, and maybe they are even more important in a rural setup, because the distances make it harder to meet personally. So for me, what is special about communication in the city, is the possibility to meet people of different ages, from different cultures and different social groups. Anyway, I’m very excited to learn more about the possibilities and the use of all those new technologies and digital gadgets, we are surrounded by today.


About my subjective map:

My map is a map of places with a nice view in Århus. Some of them are well known, some of them are only known by a few. The text describing the viewpoints, is supposed to show you, in which direction to look.
The map is not complete in any way. Please feel free to add your own favourite views.


My assignment on hybrid space can be found here.

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