hybrid spaces and places

In stead of finding a place or space, we decided to create a game, which leads us through different places marked by hybrid space. Inspired by car card games we battle each other, to find out who is more often in a hybrid space and therefore more exposed to electromagnetic waves. We tried to cover the various definitions of a hybrid space/place; the technical, social and architectural term. The inspiration came from Usman Haque who says;

“Electromagnetic waves exist just about everywhere in our atmosphere.”

In addition to that we ask in a somewhat funny way whether we should be concerned or not about what the hybrid space do to our body.
Is it good, exposing us to hybrid spaces? If not can we avoid the places? We don’t really think about hybrid spaces because they are invisible and untouchable. In the game we included the gaussmeter which measure the electromagnetic waves. We drew a few gaussmeters not knowing what the effect in reality really is, but to draw your attention to the fact that a mobile phone and a transmitter probably don’t contain and expose us to the same volume of electromagnetic waves. The idea about the game is that the winner is the one who has exposed him- or herself the most to the hybrid spaces. The card is subjective, because you have to choose the ones that fit your experiences. Basically you take the card with the DSB logo if you have been travelling by train lately it’s the same with the other cards. Then you battle, just like you do when playing car card games. The person with the card that according to the gaussmeter sends out the highest amount of electromagnetic waves wins the game. The prize for winning the game is a stay in a shelter or Lones office where you are not that exposed to electromagnetic waves.
The hybrid spaces are all around us, whether we like it or not. The positive side of the hybrid space, besides the everyday easing tools helping us to enjoy a simple lifestyle, is the social aspect. To clarify this we created a game, to prove that it also has a social aspect. Eric Kluitenberg asks in his paper, referring to the flash mobs: “What lies behind the gimmick?” What social, economic and technological transformations give rise to new phenomena of this kind?” We also tried making this a gimmick that points out that the technological and social trends indicate that the physical space and the informational space are becoming even more closely interwoven. Just like the visible and invisible spaces. It has become necessary for us to mix the spheres of these spaces. Our lifestyle and the hybrid space create a symbiosis.

Made by Sarah and Kit

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