Hybrid Space: Lynfabrikken

According to Erving Goffman people always behave according to situation and our way of acting is always affected by culture. In every social and public occasions there are rules which tell us what is appropriate and what is not. Goffman divides situations into frontstage / public and backstage / social. Though the boundaries between public and private is never strictly pinned down, but fuzzy.

We find Goffman’s theory on ”Behavior in public places” (1966) very relevant when looking at people’s interaction in cafées. Talking about private matters, speaking laudly on the phone, checking e-mails and listening to our iPod is commen to see when visiting a café. The boundary between our private sfere and the public are, given the fact that our daily lives have become digitally enhansed, now even more fuzzy. Social relations no longer demands physical presense. Interaction can happen through technical devices such as mobile phones or the Internet. These devices create what De souza e Silva defines as a hybrid space: ”…mobile spaces, created by the constant movement of users who carry portable devices continuously connected to the Internet, and to other users” (Space and Culture, p. 4).

In a backyard of Vestergade in Aarhus, we find a great examble of a hybrid space. Lynfabrikken is a creative enviroment, where you can bring your laptop, get free wireless internet, buy a cup of coffee or hang out with your friends while playing table football. Many people visit the place to read, do their homework and sit with their laptops working by themselves. On the other hand the physical space invites people to socialize and network, fx. long tables with benches make people who doesn’t know each other sit close.

As mentioned the enviroment at Lynfabrikken is not only bricks and mortar. Lev Manovich describes how technology affects physical space and how it creates a new space, where data is overlaying the physical place. In continuation of Manovich’s theory we find that the spacial structures at Lynfabrikken are largely influenced by the digital spaces. Together that makes an augmented space in the broader difinition, which is partly what defines the place Lynfabrikken.

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