Hybrid space at McDonalds

Hybrid Space at McDonalds

Made by Mathias Hjort Frederiksen & Morten Thuesen

A way to point out the hybrid space in the city is to demonstrate how the access to the Internet is being used as a service to get even more costumers. The prime example of this is McDonalds. McDonalds advertise with the possibility to be online, while you are enjoying you meal at their restaurant. The advertisements for the service is in Århus’s biggest McDonalds found at the entrance, and therefore something that’s important to the restaurant to communicate. Also the hotspot-service has been adviticed on danish TV and is now also on the McDonalds website. Through this service you’re able to check your email, read the latest news etc. while you’re eating your food. In this way you’ll be getting refueled in almost every area. You’re now able to go on with your day, updated and well fet. By this service McDonalds acknowledge and takes the advantage of the fact that more and more of the everyday life takes place by communicating socially online.


The advertisement at the entrance to McDonalds.
In danish it says: "Here you go - at this place there is free wireless internet"

So why is this good example of hybrid space?

“Hybrid spaces merge the physical and the digital in a social environment” (De souza e Silva p. 264)

Also McDonalds becomes an augmented space, because of the invisible portal to communication.

“Augemented space is the physical space which is ‘data dense’, as every point now potentially contains various information which is being delivered to it from elsewhere.” (Manovich p. 223)

Because of the McDonalds status as a world wide restaurant, you’re able to go online from McDonalds restaurants all over the world. In this way, McDonalds installs hybrid spaces in a scale unlike any other. With millions of customers served each day, hybrid space is a normal, but invisible space, for an enormous amount of people.

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