Hybrid Space Assignment

The shopping complex, as a Hybrid Space.

Storcenter Nord

Seen on the photo is a structural plan of
in ud osv

The Center is constructed in four levels, parking basement, 1. floor shopping street, 2. floor shopping street, rooftop parking space. Also there is the outside area of a parking space with benches.

Six entrances – Main entrance (which has architectual orientation as main entrence, whith design orientated big facade, and information boards etc) – basement entrance from the carpark – three side entrances whith alternative streets.

As a hybrid space, the center is more or less disigned in the orientation to direct the shoppers in a possibilities of sequences which they more or less are supposed to walk. The shopping center uses, surveillance cameras, information from the shops, user surveys, shopping planning agencies which could be ex. sociologists or commerce experts.

As in referring to the text, ”the practice of everyday life” by Michel de Certeau, the construction of the walking path of the shoppers is a double sided. Fist the shopping center tries to construct a pathway in which the shoppers are supposed to walk, based on preset knowledge on a vast amount of shopping centres in the all over the world. Secondly the user, when they actually use the center, it will be more or less in sync whith this plan, and these patterns of use are recorded by the center, and used as feedback and an instrument to make the plannings better.

These plans on how the shoppers will walk through the center, can be used as a help to security, puplic safety, setting the pricing of the rent of the shops and the planning of where different kinds of shops should be.
Ex. The post office is in a distant corner of the center, where there is assumeably less traffic than the general, of reasons which could be that when peoples go to the postoffice, it is because of certain reasons and not impulsive reasons. On the other side the postoffice has the advantage of being just at one of the entrances, and the reason could be that some users would feel it anoying having to go through the shopping center to be able to do the post errands. One can therefore use the postoffice without actually entering the center. But since the postoffice is in a far corner, there can be many users who decide to go through the shopping center, which is actually a shorter walk to the main street, than if one would choose to walk outside and around the center.

All this information about the walking peoples use of the center goes, not only to the direction of the center, but also to the broader city planning, which is clear in the example of building a new parking basement (2005) with space for 1000 cars.

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