Hong Kong

Hybrid space in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is an enormous digital city, where public space is constituted of many medias. In the cityscape there are large billboards, neon lights, visual screens etc.
On the official travel guide from the Hong Kong Tourism Board you can on the webpage see how electronic devices such as cell phones function as a part of the physical public space. www.discoverhongkong.com
The website shows how digital medias are being used to promote the city to tourists. Here you can click on what is called the interactive corner and see how you can use your electronic devices to connect to the physical public spaces. You can also download PDA to your cell phone which gives you a map and travel info on the city.
Further on you can subscribe to RSS feeds to receive the latest press releases, news and videos from the Hong Kong Tourism Board via your reader. Live webcams are situated around the city and show the constant changing surroundings in the cityscape. This webpage is trying to give the tourists digital tools when decovering the physical environment in the city.
As De Sourza talks about in the article “Space and Culture” a hybrid space is defined by the interaction between the physical and digital spaces. As you stroll down the streets of Hong Kong, you are able via your mobile to map yourself in the city and socially connect to the city through technological medias.

“Without the traditional distinction between physical and digital spaces, a hybrid space occurs when one no longer needs to go out of physical space to get in touch with digital environments. Therefore, the borders between digital and physical spaces, which were apparently clear with the fixed Internet, become blurred and no longer clearly distinguishable.” (2006: pp 7)
Manovich defines augmented space as physical space transformed into dataspace. You could argue that by mapping the city, the cell phones give a link between the internet and Hong Kong, and therefore the borders between digital and physical spaces become more blurred.
I have chosen Hong Kong because it is one of many cities that is trying to go further on in the technological development.

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