Henriette Langberg

HI! :-)

My name is Henriette, and I´m 37 years old


I am a musician - pianist, singer and songwriter/composer, graduated from Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium. My musical roots are in fusion jazz, funk and soul music, but I also have a big place in my heart for latin music, especially Brazilian music and country music. And a good pop song is definitely also on the to hear list.

I studied musicology for 2 years in 1993-1995, and now after some years being able to work only for periods due to illness, I want to finish my degree in musicology later combined with a study in communication/journalism in cooperation between Århus Universitet and Journalisthøjskolen (The Academy of Journalism)

Besides music I am also greatly interested in politics, psychology, dancing - as in the connection between music, body and mind but of cause also just as in ”shake that bootie baby”, writing, and NFL (American football)

So here I am, born and raised in a small village with 200-300 inhabitants, trying to communicate in the city, where I have lived my entire adult life.


To me a city is a landscape of never ending impressions and in constant movement.

As a musician naturally I`m interested in how music - and dance, which often is to be considered 2 different sides of the same coin - evolves in various ways in the city. The music of the city can be fragmentized into the single sound(s) in and of the city, and they each and every one affect us, often unconsciously - but I find it fascinating to tune my ear into that mode with such a fine filter on.

I also find it interesting to look at things from a psychological and maybe even sociological point of view; how living in the city surrounded by people and impressions all the time affects us, how the physical surroundings including city planning have an enormous impact on how homo sapiens react, get along, feel and thrive.

City life and communication in the city is just plain fascinating, but with some great schisms in it.
On one hand there is so much space for living in the city. Room to express your self and to live your life just how you want to, but on the other hand there is so little living space. In a physical way because prices of land are high and therefore the density as well, but also because all the other people living in the city want to express themselves too and that can decrease “your” space.

And I guess, there is no other place on Earth that you can feel more lonely than in the city surrounded by thousands, millions of people. That truly is a philosophical issue with room for wondering.

Keywords city:
lots of space/lack of space
stress maybe even distress

Keywords communication:
body language
“loud” expressions - fight of noticebility


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