Henriette Noermark

My name is Henriette and I'm from Denmark. I’m 24 years old and currently I’m attending my minor at Asthetics and Culture (my 6th semester). My major is in Anthropology and Ethnography.

The reason why I chose the to follow the subject Communicating (in) the City is partly because I find urban culture and the many aspects of it very interesting and because I think this subject will complement the broader cultural understanding I’ve got from anthropology. The part I’m most interested in is modern culture and how people communicate in different ways, fx. through street art and other visual expressions.

When not attending classes, I work at Lynfabrikken, which is a creative place (café, design shop, offices etc.) in Vestergade, Aarhus C. Furthermore I'm interested in design, fashion, photography and art.

I'm very excited about this class and what is has to offer!

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