From Couch To Television A Hybrid Space

This is a personal experience that has often struck me as puzzling and in my opinion is a good example of hybrid space. The definition I use here is from Adrianna de Souza e Silva’s article: ”[…] hybrid defines a situation in which the borders between remote and contiguous contexts no longer can be clearly defined[…]” (Silva, 269).
On a Friday night with friends my apartment is often a clutter of sounds, impressions, expressions and people. Gathered in my flat mate’s room we talk and listen to music while my flat mate sometimes plays his Xbox with other friends that online and because he is wearing a headset, the rest of us can only pick up half of the conversation, but not take part in this hybrid space he has created via his online connection. As Adrianna de Souza e Silva puts it: "It is as if the cellular network stands as a layer over the physical space, attached to and being influenced by it” (Silva, 268). Through the internet connection my friend creates this second cellular layer that makes him able to be moving in space whilst simultaneously being in physical space with us.

By Sole Storm Antonsen

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