So the play was cool :)

I don't want to be too analytical however I would like to say something.

I thought they were really gentle and sensual with each other.
Even though it was a commentary on the internet and exhibitionism it still had a very humanistic spirit.
It left me feeling good about humans in general - especially the Cat Stevens song at the end .
The actors were fabulous and played with silence in a masterful way. They could communicate so much by saying so little and they were very playful with their use of long wordless sections. It also had a surreal gen-X type of quality - I was reminded of the "Real World" - on MTV - a few times. Essentially it was the Real World meets the surrealists which can be exemplified by the creative use of props and the schizophrenic pace and plot.

It embodies the frantic pace of the internet as it said it would.
It's a nice representation of the exhibitionistic tendencies that internet life can easily lead us down and perhaps the alienation that also stems from it.

Also, they had nice food at the end.


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