My livingroom - a hybrid space…

”[…] hybrid defines a situation in which the borders between remote and contiguous contexts no longer can be clearly defined[…]” (Silva, 269)

This is Adrianna de Souza e Silva’s definition on the hybrid space. This leads my thoughts to something Lone also mentioned last week, viz, the thing about watching TV together although we’re not in the same room or city. Instead we connect trough our cell phones or via msn. So the hybrid space I want to highlight is the space between my friend in Copenhagen and me while watching TV.

My apartment must be considered as my physical space and my friend’s apartment must be her physical space. As Adrianna de Souza e Silva puts it:"It is as if the cellular network stands as a layer over the physical space, attached to and being influenced by it. (Silva, 268)
Because of this layer it is possible for us to be away from each other but still interact. Via the wireless media can we connect a physical context with a distant context. We are moving through space while we are remote simultaneously that we are in contiguous space. This way of connecting represents what Adrianna de Souza e Silva defines as hybrid space.

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