Anne Vigsoe
This is a map of Aarhus, which shows a selection of where rapes have been taking place.
Perhaps it is a little gloomy, but nonetheless it portrays something that's more than useful to know.
As shown many of the incidents has taken place in botanic garden (it's a good idea to stay away from there after dark),
but this fact is also contrasting as botanic garden is such a happy place earlier on the day. The number of reported rapes on the right corner just
shows how big a problem it is and that my map only shows a small selection of the incidents.

Hi everybody.
I am 22 years old and I study comparative litterature on my fourth semester.
I chose this course mainly because of my interest in the city and modern medias.
I also chose the course to improve my english especially regarding the theoretical text we are to read
in relation to comparative literature.
Moreover I chose the course to try something that would be different from my usual type
of course.

The combination of the words communication and city to me makes perfect sense. The two simply can't exist without each other. Perhaps this is also the reason that so many people finds an interest in urban life. It represents something modern and contemporary which seems to catch various people's attention.

This is me:

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