Anders Eskildsen

Who am I?

My name is Anders Eskildsen (I guess you figured that out already). I am currently on the 4th semester of the bachelor's programme in Musicology. In comparison with traditional workanalytic musicology and music history, my field of interest and study is somewhat different: Instead of the aforementioned approaches, the module that I have selected has a more sociocultural one. Because of this, I recently did a project on discourses of jazz jam, which turned out to be very exciting. As one of our lecturers noted when we discussed the project: Listening to jazz music in a local café, drinking coffee / beer / whatever you like and doing academic field work all at the same time shouldn't be reserved for ethnographers :-)


Besides being a student at the university I play the piano in my own jazz quartet or work for the Young Composers' Association of Aarhus. I also arrange concerts and parties as head of the party-society at the department of Musicology.

What do I hope to learn from this course?

Besides improving my communicative skills in english, I hope to learn more about the role of new technologies (the audio-related ones in particalur) in (re)constructing our experiences of living in and interacting with the city (and it's citizens). I am especially interested in creative processes - why, how and by which means do we create the soundspace of our city? How do these processes compare to creative processes in other fields?

I find the idea of the wiki as a platform for exchange of knowledge and research interesting - how will it function in an academic context such as ours? I guess we will find out. Web 2.0 has become an increasingly important part of our lives - we might as well get used to working with it :-)

Assignment 2: Subjective map of Århus

The second assignment was to make a subjective map of Århus. I decided to make a map of some of the places I go to in order to listen to live music - for free. You can find it here.

Assignment 3: Hybrid space

The third mandatory assignment can be found here.

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