Ana Martin

My name is Ana Martín Onandía, I am from Zamora a little city from the north of Spain, but normally I live in Salamanca, since my university is overthere. I am studing english literature, now as an exchange student during 9 months.
I chose this city, Aarhus, in order to know more about an unknown country for me, among all the destinations that my university gave me, Aarhus was one of the most different from my place, moreover I was wondering how would be live in a city where during winter the days are so small and during summer complitely the opposite and also by the sea…well now I know, good experience, great spring, awful winter, too much wind and cold, a good country…anyway I am happy of have checked it.
About this course, I took it just becouse the title, it sounded to me really interesting.

“(…) we are living in a space in which the public is reconfigured by a multitude of media and communication networks interwoven into the social and political functions of space to form a hybrid space”

Reading this I remembered the “botellón”, act that has grown in Spain since the late twentieth century and that some have described as: massive meeting of young people among 16 and 24 years, essentially, in spaces opened of free access, to drink alcohol that they have previously acquired in commerce, to listen music, and to speak.
This came to my mind because many Botellones were summoned in more that 25 capitals of Spain on the 17th of Match, after the Botellon had been illegal. Through Internet, mobile messages and Bluetooth messages into the university, young people across Spain decided to meet in what had been forbidden, as a protest against something that they said was unfair because it is not just drink, this meant the new way of interaction, it was something like a open social center where did not matter your music preferences and your style, everybody had their place. Also it was a way to make worth our weather and to be able of speak without loud music and without spend so much money in drink.

It was a controversial day, a flashmob with demands target; it was a surprise such a massive organization, with no media interaction. The government and security forces, including older people in general, were not aware that technology could be a way to unite people against something, and in this case it was a very good one. Somehow the technology was introduced into society and made possible, a group organized around an illegal matter. “Mixed reality and argument spaces, mobility, and sociability arises a hybrid reality. It is exactly the mix of social practices that occur simultaneously in digital and in physical spaces, together with mobility, that creates the concept of hybrid reality”

In this way the technology play a very important role in the society, in the real moment, making the act of grouping people faster, somehow underground and massively.


One of the emails form Granada was:

To be breif and making a sum up of the email, the boy try to say that the fact of forbid the botellón it's just a way of get benefit by the mayor, actually he does not mind whether young people drink or not, this measure has been taken becouse the near elections, in order to clean his image, since he knows that many of us do not vote.
So he encourage the young people to go to the Botellon, not just to have fun, also to take us into consideration.

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