Amna's Hybrid Space

I believe that I am living in a hybrid space. Merely sitting in my room, having a somewhat arbitary and trivial conversation with a friend while simultaneously texting my sister and emailing my mum (all who are living in Australia), while trying to find the location of a rock concert on my phone's GPS… all four tasks (girls are extremely good at multi-tasking!) illustrate that virtual life and real life have become one and it is no longer possible to distinguish or separate the two.


I am living in a hybrid space as I am not restricted to the dimensions of space and time, by simply sitting in my room I am able to traverse space with skype, a text message or a phone call to the (literally) other side of the world. Adrian de Souza e Silva explores the idea of how ''the use of mobile technologies as connection interfaces blurs the traditional borders between physical and digital spaces'' (p. 261).

Silva continues by stating that interfaces (i.e. GPS on a mobile phone) are communication mediators representing, and may I add communicating, information between two parts, i.e. between a human and a computer. Silva introduces the concept of the 'social interface' which is an interface which mediates between two or more users. This 'social interface', therefore, reinvents communication relationships and the space in which the communication takes place. I no longer have to google directions from my home computer before I leave the house in order to find that rock concert, I can now simply roam the streets while using my GPS to navigate my way through the city in order to get to the gig. The city space is therefore 'changed'through the use of this interface (the GPS). The city no longer looks like a maze of consumeristic streets, but rather an organized and structured set of streets and directions to my intended destination.

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