7a's .walk

1st street left
1st street right after you see someone wearing glases or sunglases
1st street right after you meet someone talking in or using a mobile phone


The black rute was the first lap we took, where we suddenly found ourselves at the begining point.
We took one more lap (the red route), which were a bit different as we didn't meet a person with a mobile phone as soon as the first time.
Otherwise we would have had a perfect .walk :)
The city was very busy when we took the walk and it was easy to spot people wearing glases or using their mobile phones.

Group 7b walking 7a's walk.
We startet a bit on the outskirts of the city center, and it was before noon on a lazy tuesday, so there werent that many people talking on their phones. So the people we actually saw using their mobile phones, had no idea how happy they made us. Besides that it was a fun walk, with a few difficulties in staying on track because sometimes roads would end before we where supposed to turn.

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