During this walk try to find some small fun details on the buildings you pass.

1. Turn left when you see a man with glasses
2. Turn left when you see a person with a bike
3. Turn left when you can get a stranger to smile at you

We started at "Lille torv" and walked past "Magasin", over the bridge and turned left down "Fiskergade" when we saw a man wearing glasses. We walked down the street for a while, waiting for someone with a bike. It took a while, but luckily we saw someone, before we walked straight into the harbour. We turned left at "Europaplads" and started smiling at everyone, hoping that they would smile back. It didn't take long before someone did and we were able to turn left down "Skolegade".


We took some picture on our trip…

a beautiful building on "Lille torv"

a funny old wall painting on the building where "chick in" is today

A seahorse in "fiskergade" (fishermanns street)

an oldfashioned lamp and a beautifull old door in "skolegade"

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