5a .walk


1. Begin Walking. After you have seen 5 bikes, turn right.

2. When you see a person carrying another person, go to the nearest shop - find something blue and smell at it.

3. Leave the building. When you get outside, turn left. The ending.

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group 5b walking the .walk of group 5a:

we repeated group 5a's .walk codes 4 times and on a map the walk looked as this:


we chose an area we didn't know very well in order to increase the feeling of being led and not having control of the walk.
the codes led us up and down the same streets a few times, making us more familiar with this, to us, new neighbourhood.
and we suddenly noticed how many blue things the cityscape of århus has to offer (surprisingly many). the smells were unspectacular though.

here is photo-documentation of our olfactory explorations:

sandra smelling a blue bike

signe smelling blue flowers on ellemarksvej.

sandra smelling a blue cap on valbyvej

signe smelling blue shop-facade with swimming-pool-look also on ellemarksvej:

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