2b .walk

Group 2b's .walk (which is in reality just my .walk as the group only has one person)

Take the 1st turn left
Take the 2nd turn right
Count the number of people you pass from the start of the street until the 1st corner
If the number is even take the next left
If the number is uneven take the next right

The U-turn is there because I wanted to see if that would make me walk in circles. The answer is that it does not necessarily make you walk in circles, but as you can see from my map it did make me walk in something that resembles a circle. However the short streets and lack of 2nd right turns in the centre of Århus, along with my own laziness in not walking for a longer time carry most of the blame for that. All in all it was a rather good .walk but I would advise against taking it in the centre of town - it's better suited to more remote areas with longer streets and less people.

Map of my route:

Pictures from my .walk:
Picture 1 - These were ALL of the tools I could find being used to renovate the city dome. Impressive eh?
Picture 2 - A collection of pictures showing old bikes that were pulled out of the water.
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7 - Mobile staircase going into a wall (in Busgaden where you're not even supposed to be walking)
Picture 8 - Two pictures from behind FONA, where once you could get onto the roof. But as you can see, they've put up a piece of wood to prevent people from doing that =(
Picture 9

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